About Mind OnDemand

Who we are

Mind OnDemand Is An Information Technology Company Delivering Sophisticated, Customized Mobile Solutions That Improve Business Efficiency Across The Enterprise.


We partner with companies to understand their business needs and engineering plans. Based on their current and future needs, we develop a strategic relationship to provide our people, products and services as the need maybe. We have more than three decades of experience in IT and companies rely on our experience to implement and execute IT projects involving a range of modern technologies.

Strategic staffing: We identify short term and long term needs for technical resources and onboard the professionals on projects full time or as needed.

Product development: Where ever the company needs to create proprietary technology, we help them develop, test, document and maintain software products.

Professional services: Project management is crucial to the success of any business plan. We provide the expertise to make sure that the resources are optimally utilized, cost is controlled and efficiency is achieved in all projects.

MOBILE APP STRATEGY: With the incredible growth in smart phones usage, a new breed of mobile apps is required to quickly enable mobility to business users with no programming knowledge. Business users are no longer able to wait to update their product offerings & services in today's dynamics.

CO-PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: N360i Mobile App Platform provide an ideal conduit to engage client’s domain expertise to conceive and construct the entire Mobile App product. N360i's Mobile App team would transfer the product knowledge to the client’s team. Hand-hold the business users until the product is built,deployed and transitioned to the users.

ACCELERATED DEVELOPMENT MODEL: No Code intervention The effort & time it takes to ramp up Mobile App construction much faster. No code means no need to engage development & testing resources. N360i Mobile App Platform provides ample set of tools to construct Mobile app for any business with mere help of business analysts.

COLLABORATIVE: Business executives need to collaborate every second with their customers. It can happen only when the data flows in a real-time mode as it happens. N360i Mobile App Platform controls the flow of right information to the right role at right time to create right customer response Today’s world is fraught with constant changes across the board, and business cannot me aloof to those if it has to stay in the today's competitive world. N360i Mobile App Platform provides an ideal platform for business leaders to strategize their decisions.

Meet our team

Inspired & supported by a team of professionals with a combined experience of around 100+ Person years of Product development.

Pradeep Engineer Founder & CEO

Around 3 Decades of ERP Product Development and Competency building. Very hands-on with strong domain skills. With clear focus on Mobile Apps, Data Science & Talent Management, steering the company's direction to the next level.

Vani Finance and Operations

3+ Decades of experience in Finance, Investments and Business Leadership.

DP Srini Sales & Business Development

Around 3+ Decades of experience in Sales, Marketing and Business Development. Successfully heading the Cloud & Microsoft CRM business unit independently.

Karry Digital Marketing, Head

3+ Decades of Marcom and strong Digi-Marketing experience with various product companies like CA, NTT Data, Virtusa, Valuemomentum etc

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